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Statement 2019

Te’ Claire received her Masters in Fine Art Ceramics from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2018.

Using traditional pottery techniques her practice centres on the belief to engage, challenge and develop our intimate landscapes through local materials and considered design.

Making with a minimal aesthetic vision Te’ Claire creates objects that balance design and fragility, inspired by contemporary artistic concepts in architecture and design. Requiring users to have a heightened consciousness and awareness of the self in the present moment.

Te’ Claire is currently a resident artist at Kingston Art Centre Australia 2019 and a resident artist at Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park (SCCP) in Japan 2020.

Kingston Arts Centre Residency 2019

Over the last six months (July - December 2019) I received an artist residency at Kingston Arts Centre in the ceramic department.

I have spent my time there line blending different clays together including Australian porcelain, UK Scarva, Australian Dark Stoneware and USA Laguna Clay B3.

I have also been investigating Feldspars and Wollastonite in glazes at cone 6 temperature.

As I find knowledge it will be documented here.

Quartz is known as silica and flint.

China clay is known as kaolin.

Whiting in Australia is known as calcite.

Ball clay is the main plastic material used in clay bodies,

it is used as a glaze suspension.

Add it to glazes to potentially thicken.


Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (SCCP) Research Residency 2020

‘Yunomi’ is a research project and residency at the Shigaraki Ceramics Cultural Park (SCCP) in Japan.

This project incorporates the artistic creation, exhibition and information exchange between Japanese and Australian art communities.

Yunomi the Japanese word for teacup is internationally the most intimate object, an item we use daily connecting communities together.

This project focuses on an exchange of Australian ceramic processes and Japanese feldspar materials to create a new dialogue of resources in a contemporary art field.

The findings of this cross-cultural project will be concluded with the donation and research documentation of fifty-five teacups exhibited in Japan and Australia to support knowledge in the international arts movement.


Masters of Fine Art (Ceramics) 2018

During 2018 I completed a Masters of Fine Art (Ceramics) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2018.

Wonderslip to be used on greenware;

1 cup kaolin

1 cup ball clay

1 cup potash feldspar

1 cup silica

4 cups water

Mix together with a mask and 100 mesh sieve Liberally paint up to three coats on unfired (greenware clay).

You can paint 1 coat on bisque ware. Anymore coats and you will start to see cracking.