Te’ Claire is an Australian artist and teacher with a diverse knowledge of traditional ceramic practice and contemporary investigation into the complex mechanisms of feldspar materials.

Her raw anthropomorphic sculptures result from findings made during an extensive investigation into anatomical figures that have been subjected to physical and psychological trauma. She is a sculptor and ceramicist whose practice challenges the traditional medium of clay by confronting, transforming and reevaluating material as an autonomous object. Her practice aims to explore the apparent tension that appears in the ambiguous relationship between the physical and physiological body by deconstructing conventional forms.

Using multiple pigments, feldspars and firings her practice creates an intermediary shift from a representational object into something purely material. A deconstructive transformation from the body to an inanimate object. Her practice promotes a process that explores an intermediary state of ‘the self’ through violent interferences in the kiln creating visceral connection between layered and textured surfaces.

These material interactions are realized through collapsing forms and dripping surfaces that explore narratives of anxiety and the visceral discomfort of the traumatized body. Her installation utilizes small domestic artifacts such as blankets and furniture to contextualize and reflect time and environments in which anxiety exists. Investigating the profound influence of anxiety on an individual using experimental and conventional ceramic processes to explore the physical symptoms of unease on the human body.